Dragon Car Accessory

$17.99 USD

Color: White


Introducing the “How To Train Your Dragon” heroes to your vehicles, elevating your driving experience to a whole new level of enchantment! Our new dragon-themed adventure package offers two captivating variants: Toothless and Light Fury. 

These dynamic duo plush toys bring a touch of magic and mystery to every journey you embark on.

Tailored for Cars and Motorcycles

Enhance your adventures with our innovative Toothless and Light Fury plush dragons. Crafted for thrilling play, they come equipped with custom-designed fasteners for cars. Our ultra-grip suction cup for motorcycles ensures a secure and exciting journey.

Wind-tested at 100 km/h!

Hold on tight as our plush dragons face the wind with style! Worried about them taking flight during your drives? Relax! We put them to the test at 100 km/h, and they’ve showcased remarkable aerodynamic prowess. Don’t just take our word for it; our daring customers have even pushed the limits to 130 km/h, proving these dragons are not just passengers—they’re high-speed companions.

Circle sticky pad

Size: 27cm
Car Accessory

These cuties are made with lots of love, by hand and with quality materials, super soft with silicone fiber filling.

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